About Us

Dave Adams

Mr. Adams is the President and Founder of New Market Veterans.

Mr. Adams managed service, software and supply chain solutions for the military, consumer packaged goods and health care industries. Mr. Adams is the founder of InteliTap, a software and services solution for the hospitality industry. Prior to founding InteliTap Mr. Adams had emerged as an industry thought leader with 14 years of logistics operations experience and 10 years of logistics technology development and supply chain and network optimization experience. As Senior Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Technology at TrenStar, Mr. Adams was one of the founding executives and contributed significantly to the company’s growth from $2MM in revenue to $65MM in 4 years. He was instrumental in the design, development and operations of some of the largest RFID based supply chain solutions in the world.

He is the former vice president of operations for the Primary Care business unit at McKesson Corp (MCK), a Fortune 35 company, where he managed the day-to-day operations of a nearly $1 billion supply chain. Mr. Adams helped to position leading supply chain technology companies Viewlocity and i2 Advisory Board Technology. Mr. Adams has held planning and operations positions at Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. Mr. Adams is a retired Naval Officer where he flew heavy lift helicopters.

He received a B.A. in Economics from The Virginia Military Institute, a Masters of Business Administration from Troy State University and a Masters of Science in Operations Research from The Naval Postgraduate School.


    Tom Wood

Mr. Wood is a retired Naval Officer with more than twenty-two years of service as a tactical helicopter pilot. Upon retirement from active duty, he continued in aviation, flying helicopters for the local ABC-affiliated television network and later as a helicopter simulator instructor for the Navy.


  Robert Hollocher 

Mr. Hollocher is a career military and civilian pilot.  He Served in the fleet flying the RH-53 Sea Stallion for HM-14.  He was the squadron tactics oifficer, tasked with planning and executing mine sweeping in the Straits of  Hormuz in 1987.   He continued in the Navy with various pilot duties as an instructor and SAR pilot.    

Mr. Hollocher transferred to the Air Force where he served as the Senior Stage Manager for Ramstein, Germany for every C-17 crew operating in the Middle East and Europe.  Mr. Hollocher went on to be Special Instructions Chief for the Coalition Air Operation Headquarters in 2003 for the coalition air forces.   Mr. Hollocher’s last tour of duty was as Deputy Director of Global Operations for the USAF’s Tanker and Airlift Command Center.

Bob has had a second career as a Long-haul pilot for American Airlines and the S-92 Project Manager in Kuwait for the Emir of Kuwait in 2018-2019.