Charmin N. Rickards

  Charmin N. Rickards’ exemplary character and mature judgment stems from a strong foundational upbringing. Born in Brunswick, Georgia, Charmin has been a “living epistle” and ambassador to the principles of dedication, determination and strong work ethics. Straightforward in discussion, factual in presentation, persuasive and tactful in action, Charmin’s successful climb up the ladder in the selfless service to her country is commendable

Enlisting into the United States Navy in 1992, Charmin has proven time and again how individuals who possess exceptional character, are reliable, industrious and an eagerness to learn can and will excel in any organization. Her rare ability to create and maintain confidence, respect and professionalism influenced her leadership to appoint her as manager, training and education developer and leader.

Understanding the importance of mentoring, Charmin seeks out individuals who were striving for excellence across multiple facets to include; strong family values, professional growth and competence, lifelong education, sterling character and human understanding. By aligning herself with these individuals, Charmin is able to glean a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding about her organization and the vast opportunities available. These mentoring moments sparked the beginning of her journey to obtain her Baccalaureate Degree in Human Resource Management.

Charmin’s educational success was the conduit that opened the door to earning an appointment as a commission officer in the United States Navy’s Medical Service Corps.  As a Healthcare Executive, Charmin was continuously recognized as a highly effective mentor, instilling the values of hard work, determination and educational prowess. 

Charmin places high priority on human empowerment goals and has been a champion of equality and teamwork throughout the organizations fortunate enough to have her. Time and again, Charmin has been recognized as the one leader who possesses those special qualities it takes to be successful: communicates easily; instills pride, encourages average performers to strive for excellence; and, commends people for effort, commitment, dedication, and personal accomplishment.

Charmin built her sterling reputation as a fair and influential Naval Officer and Leader while serving in the following positions:  Administrative Officer for Naval Medical Clinic, Oceana, Virginia; Head of Human Resources of a major overseas hospital, Okinawa, Japan; Emergency Manager (medical regulating officer) for Navy and Marine Corps personnel at sea with Fleet Surgical Team Two. The successful completion of these assignments were critical in Navy Medicine’s decision to hand select her as the Transition Manager for the Navy Surgeon General’s premiere training facility in Portsmouth, Virginia. Charmin’s success as the Transition Manager earned her the appointment as Director, Navy Medicine Training Center Detachment, Portsmouth. Prior to retiring she was hand-selected to serve as the Deputy Diversity Director for Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.

Charmin’s active affiliations with numerous professional and nonprofit organizations has enabled her to reach, mentor, train and positively influence women around the world.  Earning her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University and using these tools within her role as a coach, trainer, and speaker exemplifies her commitment to how lifelong learning is another mechanism used in empowering tomorrow’s leaders. 

Charmin’s military experience and exposure to multicultural backgrounds has developed her deep passion for diversity & inclusion and the value of different perspectives, leading her to purse a second career in equal employment opportunity, affirmative employment program and diversity and inclusion. 

A proud mother of two wonderful children and a plethora of positive goal-oriented friends are proof of how Charmin’s principle in the importance and benefit of having a strong faith in God, spending quality time with those you love, continued community involvement and strongly bound families are mechanisms to building a successful life and more importantly strong communities.

Today’s leader is looked upon to master the art of balance. Balancing work, a career (personal and educational development) and home, require determination and strong organizational skills. Charmin is the epitome of that leader. A proponent of physical, mental and emotional fitness, as the CEO of Teachable Learnable Solutions, LLC, Advisory Board Member for Synergy Learning Institute, Women Veteran Program and Board Member for Envision Lead Grow, Charmin continues to diligently strive to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the successful blend of integrity, leadership coupled with superior management, oratory and administrative abilities to assure dreams of success are brought to fruition.